Prenatal Yoga: Inquiry, Praise, Frustration

So you’ve probably noticed when hanging around the studio or browsing our website that we have Prenatal Yoga classes.  These two weekly classes garner more inquiry, more praise, and yes more frustration than any other class on our schedule.

In getting technical we even find that beyond our home page and schedule page the third most popular page is our page dedicated to all things Prenatal Yoga at CHY.  And beyond searching “Capitol Hill Yoga” and its variations you’ve probably guessed already that “Capitol Hill & Prenatal Yoga” are the next most popular searches.

In being asked why practice prenatal yoga by U.S. News Kahlil recently said, “”It makes you stronger all over, and that’s not only preparing you for the labor and delivery, but also for when you’re going to be carrying that baby around,” says Kahlil Kuykendall, a certified prenatal yoga teacher at Capitol Hill Yoga in Washington, D.C. Breathing—lots of long inhales and exhales—is a major focus in prenatal yoga. “It’s breathing in that final hour, when the baby is descending, where it all comes together,” Kuykendall says, “You need strength from the yoga postures, but it’s that breathing that’ll help to relax the mind and nervous system.”  Check out the full article here:

I also receive plenty of feedback asking if there are really that many pregnant women on Capitol Hill and if we really need all those prenatal classes.  Yes, the answer is yes.  Our two weekly classes – held Tuesdays 5:30-6:45pm with Kate Miller and Saturdays 10:45am-12:00pm with Kahlil Kuykendall – are regularly at 90-100% capacity.  I can not say the same about any other two classes on our weekly schedule.

We love the inquiry and the fact that most of the women in our prenatal classes are new to yoga.  The word is out – prenatal yoga is pretty darn great for mom and baby.  Kahlil and Kate are gifted prenatal teachers who empower the expectant moms to greater strength within flexibility and deeper body and breath awareness while creating a special bond amongst the group.

“We in a sense become a tribe of support for each other, giving advice, listening as we walk the journey of pregnancy together,” said prenatal student Hannah Miller.

We are honored to receive praise for the classes on a number of fronts from partners reaching out to tell us how much they’ve seen the classes help their wives and girlfriends.  I’ve even received praise from co-workers and friends seeing how much more relaxed and at ease the women seem in pregnancy and preparing for the baby’s arrival.  And of course the moms themselves are great.  We get the direct feedback about how they had the best night of sleep in weeks after their last class or how the pregnancy related pains seem lessen with a regular yoga practice.

But remember the frustration part.  We get that a lot from students too.  We are often over capacity and we have to turn away students who arrive late or did not reserve online.  Whew – those interactions can be rough.  Sometimes we lose students who feel the classes were too hard or too easy and sometimes we lose students in our classes that surround the prenatal classes because they do not wish to be in the space through the class transitions.  The frustrations are absolutely valid and its in these situations we all practice our best yoga.

To all of you we hold the space, and I invite the mommas to remember what a treasure the classes were during pregnancy and to come back when baby arrives!  Check out the Mom & Baby classes and treat yourself to a weekly ‘regular’ class.  I fully admit to getting 100% lost in my baby for months 0-12, but I know the greatest gift I’ve given my daughter in her 2.5 years has been when I re-connected to my yoga practice with a mind to inquiry, praise and frustration.  I’m a better me, a better mom, a better wife, a better teacher and a better small business owner for it.  Thank goodness!


Betsy PoosBetsy Poos, E-RYT 500, keeps the good vibes flowing at Capitol Hill Yoga as co-owner and teacher. Her challenging classes are an exploration of strength, alignment and breath. Betsy took her first yoga class shortly after moving to Capitol Hill in 1999 and has been teaching yoga since 2005. Betsy’s classes echo her favorite pieces of the many traditions of yoga she has studied, including her intensive study of Anusara Yoga from 2007-2011 and her current obsessions of Iyengar and Bikram Yoga. She lives on Capitol Hill with her three most influential teachers; her husband, toddler and boston terrier. Learn more about Betsy at

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